Saturday, June 30, 2012

The are few things better than a group of friends sitting around a campfire telling stories, true or otherwise.

This is where the pioneer spirit and the larconic Aussie are seen in the mist of time.

This is where each Australian is different, and yet we are all the same

Old Pete

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From Pete's head to Amazon

Just recently Pete and I were having fun imagining what one of his characters might have gotten up to after the end of his story. I could clearly picture her in my head. Pete responded:

"So there you are, you know one of my characters as if she is a real person in a real situation. How do you think I cope with a mob of 'em in me 'ead?"

I told him he probably laughs a lot.

Peter Rake has been telling stories to himself since mid-last century. After the heydays in outback Queensland were over, he started crafting them on paper. Now his stories, and one novel, will be published on Amazon Kindle by ePublisher, MetaPlume.