Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Not Only But Also

The third Book in the Tiger Williams Series is under way.  This one goes back to the beginning of the Baker clan in Dorset England.

The Title "From Whence t hey came" will have many bits and pieces about the 'Bounty scheme', about the hopes and aspirations of the free settlers and about their impressions of this Great South Land across the sea.

Here is the unedited, opening remarks.  Some  months away yet though.  So make sure you read the sequel to The Life and Loves of Tiger Williams, now available on Amazon Books.

“But Charles, it is such a long way, six months on the ship...Leaving England, our family, our friends....Oh Charles, I will go, of course, I am you wife, but please keep me safe.”

Mary, Elizabeth Baker nee Newington, was the typical genteel female of Rural Dorset. Born to a well to do family of landholders and Physicians, she had a good life, was happy in the social life, as it was in Dorset in the early 1800s, but as she thought of these things she also had the thought..'.and now this. '

Charles Bevan Baker was a wanderer, a merchant of adventure, and at the age of sixteen years, already an adult and  partner in the family Company, he intended to become very wealthy, and a man of the world.

The green pastures of Dorset, in the district of Marnhull, held two lines of this Baker clan, there were the rich landholders, and there were the workers and tenant farmers that worked small plots for the Squires

Although the clan bore the same name, the divide between the classes was wide and very evident. The Mister Bakers would have no hesitation in withdrawing assistance and employment from the common Bakers, the workers, the poor ones that often, in hard times, relied on handouts from the community or local Parish Church.

Charles left the large house, with its thatched roof, low doorway, tidy garden and went to his horse that was held, patiently, by the groom. Another servant came with a shotgun and a packet of cartridges that Charles places into loops on this hunting jacket.

“Tell the cook I will only bring her two partridge today...we have no guests coming for a free feed tonight.”

The servants tittered at this, obediently, and went about their duties.

As he rode out to meet neighbours and friends, who had already arranged the 'beaters' for the partridge hunt, he thought of the 'game' that may present itself to his accurate marksmanship.

'Hopping marsupials, ten feet tall, wombats built like grizzly bears, other bears that lived in trees and, and, according to Jim Williams, dropped down from the trees to attack the unwary.  There were birds of all size and colour..It will be a bright new wonderful world,'

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Guess what?  My wonderful Publisher has asked for the sequel to my first novel.

It will be named From lantana to Lotuses or From Lotuses to Lantana, depending on what Fiona Gatt, my co-writer in this event decides.

This story creates some new characters, different adventures and more pathos, love, drama than the "Life and Loves of Tiger Williams."

The new "lad on the block is Richard Little"  Richard meets up with an  old droving mate Steve Williams (Tiger), and joins the staff on Rosemore.

On Rosemore the new characters mingle and mix with the Rosemore 'family', sharing happiness, sadness and tragedy.

This sequel takes us to the 1960's in the Central West of Queensland, when the modern world was slowly taking over the Outback.

The attitudes of those of the Large Brown Country is depicted, from the memory of being there at the time, attitudes that still tried to hold onto the old ethics of the great country.

You can guarantee it will be 'required reading' for those that were clever enough to get the first book.

I loved writing it, I hope you will love reading it.