Saturday, September 20, 2014

Comments on my Book

I love the comments on my book about the adventures of Tiger Williams.  Many are very complimentary, and that is good for the ego, and I think one needs a healthy ego to write and publish their thoughts.

Without comments I would get the feeling that the books are being purchased, but not read...wouldn't this be a waste?

I am happy to receive the constructive criticism and well as the pats on the back  because, as a first time published author I need as much of this type of help that people like to give.  I will take it all on board.

There are many deep and meaningful books around, my stories do not fit that category in the least, and are just moments from life that may or may not  have  happened, or they have happened and I have changed the outcomes, or yet still, they may not have  happened at all, but I have wished that they had...Ifn' ya' know what I mean.

The next story, "From Lotuses to Lantana" covers events  of characters with some connection to the Baker clan of Rosemore Station.  It touches the lives of at least ten characters, and two countries in a time when Australia was feeling the changes in the comfortable prosperity of the Outback, and when the American influence was becoming the influence from our own politicians on the Australian population.

Don't look for a masterpiece from the great classical authors, just have a read and see if you connect, but always remember, it is a work of fiction.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Still working on the sequel to Tiger Williams.

A little bit of ill health has slowed me down a bit, but come hell or high water, the sequel will be out soon?

This old brain has linked with this old imagination, and
so far neither is wearing out.

Stay tuned folks, and thank you to the British folk that have found the blog.  It may have something to do with the beautiful journalist, Emma.

Emma with my little dog, Elkie on Coffs harbour Beach.

Rake Connection

To the person that is connected to my family line and wrote a comment in my blog.  I have my family  history back to the 13th century.  I know there was a family history from the brother of my grandfather, but it was the wrong line when I viewed it.

I have not connected to the South Australian Rake line, that of Charles Bevan Rake. but I am sure they must be related somewhere.

Please contact me on