Monday, February 23, 2015

I wuz born.

In  Australia in 1838 there became a township called Wagga Wagga, in the Riberina district of the South part of New  South Wales.

One hundred years after they established Wagga Wagga,  a wonderful event took place, as on the first day of the month of October nineteen hundred and thirty eight, a child was born to me' Mum, which wuz me, ya' see....No the child weren't me'  Mum, me' Mum wuz 'cause that is a Mum's job, I wuz jist a kid, a little kid, which wuz jist as well cause Mum wasn't a very big Mum, standing at 4 foot 10 inches when inches and foots were the go and alot s horter when she wuz not standing.  She weren't much bigger when the metric thingo took over, but she wuz a bit wider, but don't tell her I said that.

I always wondered, being a great thinker, I even used to think out loud, before I could talk out loud. I wondered "Where does Mum's lap go when she stands up?" As I got to be a teenager I always sat down jist in case a girl wanted a lap to sit on...funny, but not many did. same with hugs, I would say, "Ya' wanna' hug?" and they would say, "No thanks, I'm right for hugs at the moment." There wuz times I would just stand up and say, "wanna' sit on me' lap?", and the girl would say, "How can I, dummmy, ya' don't have a lap."

Never call Wagga Wagga Wagga  unless ya'  know why!

Wagga means crow, Wagga Wagga means many crows...Clever that, them aboridiginies of the district....Instead of yelling out, "Hey! watch out, there is a great whopping flock of crows," they just yelled "Wagga Wagga," and instantly everyone would look up, which was silly, or they would yell out "That way, Mate" and point off in the direction of where Wagga Wagga Wuz.

So that's where I wuz born.

Sheep and wheat country, regularily flooded by the mighty Murrunbidgee River.  Inland and a little above Canberra, it could get darn cold in winter and very hot in summer.  Not snow nor stuff like you lot get, but cold enough to freeze the walls of bark Humpy.

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